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Recommend a plant to grow in a pond?

Author: Kelly Young
Issue: June, 2017, Page 123
Yerba Mansa

Q - Can you recommend a native plant to put near my pond? I want something low-growing that can handle moist soil.

A - Yerba mansa (Anemopsis californica), also called lizard tail, is native to wetlands in the southwestern U.S. and used by native people to treat a variety of maladies. This low-growing, creeping perennial produces a lovely flowering stalk with white bracts. You can find yerba mansa in garden centers that sell pond plants, or you might meet a gardener who is willing to share some of theirs. The plant readily self-propagates by runners and will need occasional thinning. To learn more about the medicinal uses of yerba mansa and other native plants of the Southwest, pick up a copy of “Healing With Plants in the American and Mexican West,” by Margarita Artschwager Kay.
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