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Side Yard Redo

Author: Nancy Erdmann
Issue: January, 2014, Page 66
Photo by Michael Woodall

An empty side yard is brought back to life

Concrete paving, low-hanging electrical wires, a lack of plants and poor-quality soil made this “bleak-looking” side yard less than desirable,” say homeowners Paul Rochford and Michael Violante, who are interior designers based in Santa Fe.

“We saw a picture of a street in Spain that was made of old cobblestone, and that was our inspiration,” Rochford recalls. The pair hired landscape designers Azul Cobb and Monika Hellwegen and left the execution of the look up to them.

To visually expand the patio, they incorporated columnar ornamental pear trees, patterned stone paving and an arched iron pergola. “In Spain, grapevines used to be grown in alleys, between tall buildings supported by wire, and the path below was cobblestone,” Hellwegen remarks.

Beach pebbles and Mexican porphyry—a dense stone—are set in mortar in a geometric pattern. “Since water from two canales on the home empties onto the patio, a drainage system was disguised under the rocks,” says Hellwegen. The walls are a classic adobe brown stucco.
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