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October 2012 Picks for the Gardener

Author: Nancy Erdmann
Issue: October, 2012, Page 112

Seed-sationalThe Mr. Canary Finch Feeder allows bird lovers to feed their flying friends in a snap. Pre-filled with 8 ounces of 100-percent Nyjer seed (a favorite of small birds), the lightweight hanging feeder is easy to refill or recycle. Measuring 15" long, it is the perfect size for goldfinches and songbirds, while larger, unwanted birds are unable to perch. The feeder is available at Walmart or

Cool Carrots
What’s easy to grow, adds texture to foods, is high in nutrition and tastes great? Carrots! Now you can grow your own with double-layer Carrot Grow Bags. Made from polypropylene, each bag can produce more than 3 pounds of carrots per batch.They fold up flat when not in use, making them ideal for small spaces. Order them, as well as other vegetable bags, at
Hassle-Free HoseDragging a heavy hose around the yard is never much fun, so Water Right came up with the Super-Slim Hose. Measuring only 1/2" in diameter, it weighs less than half that of conventional garden hoses. The Super-Slim is made with polyurethane and designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. Available in 25-, 50- and 100' lengths and a variety of colors, it can be ordered through Gardener’s Supply Co.,

HOME-GROWNGrowing one’s own food has become a hot trend. For gardeners looking to add diversity to their harvest comes The Fruit Gardener’s Bible: A Complete Guide to Growing Fruits and Nuts in the Home Garden (Storey Publishing). Lewis Hill and Leonard Perry provide in-depth guidance for growing a wide variety of fruits, berries and nuts, as well as tips for pruning, harvesting and protecting plants from wildlife. Be sure to check out the regional recommendations for the Southwest.
Valerie Slade

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