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Haute Hideaway

Author: Rachel Eroh
Issue: October, 2017, Page 38
Photos by David B. Moore

Interior designer Amy Bubier Klosterman balanced style and function, pairing classic cabinetry and a gray and warm white color scheme with an efficient work triangle and state-of-the-art appliances.
An outdated vacation home gets a fresh, modern makeover

Normally, triple-digit heat isn’t what draws people to the Valley. However, one couple from Washington state fell in love with the desert’s warmth and decided to seek out a vacation home in Scottsdale. They found a house with the perfect layout and backyard for their family but quickly realized that a fresh coat of paint couldn’t fix the dated, dark interiors. So, the family enlisted the help of Amy Bubier Klosterman, a Phoenix Home & Garden Masters of the Southwest award-winning interior designer, to update the kitchen, redo the master and kids’ baths, and give the residence a relaxing, resortlike aesthetic.

The family wanted a more modern look in their part-time abode, so Bubier Klosterman took design cues from their home in the Northwest, which features light wood floors and cabinets, updated appliances and fewer dark tones throughout. The couple also requested that the kitchen flow easily into other living areas. “We have two young children, so we needed a space open to their playroom with lots of functionality,” says the wife.

Practical ideas, like bar stools tucked under the kitchen island, are made pretty with details. In this case: shimmering silver nailhead trim.
To give the main living space a lighter and more uplifting appearance, Bubier Klosterman created a bright palette with European oak flooring and crisp, white walls. “This floor has a fairly significant level of character and variation, and it reminded the family of their Northwest roots,” she says. To ensure that the couple would like the wood’s unique look, the designer ordered a single box to place first on the floor so they could see all of the knots and distressing.

The light tones continue into the kitchen. Bubier Klosterman added new cabinetry in a soft ivory along the perimeter and rich blue-gray on the new larger island, which is topped with a dolomite countertop. The natural stone is denser and more durable than marble but still provides the same veining and color effect. For the backsplash, the designer maintained the muted gray, oyster and ivory color scheme the homeowners desired but in a graphic tile pattern that adds visual interest without overwhelming the space.

The family also wanted the island to serve multiple purposes, including as a space for dining and entertaining. Bubier Klosterman added additional seating to the far end, with comfy stools painted in a midtone gray and finished with silver nailheads that slide away into a hidden nook when not needed, and a cabinet-size wine fridge that faces the living room for easy access. Dark charcoal-finished barn pendants above the island give the kitchen a modern farmhouse feel and help anchor the airy ambience.

The decor is simple yet sleek with subtle details that create an overall polished look for the large, open space. The homeowners requested lots of gray and white, but the designer was careful to not let the cool colors overwhelm the area, noting that excessive use of the shades can result in a cold, sterile feeling. One way to maintain balance is to incorporate warm wood tones, so in the adjacent dining room, Bubier Klosterman opted to keep the existing wood tones and added an oak breakfast table, which also adds to the subdued ranch home feel. “I call it clean traditional; it is kind of playing both sides,” she explains. “It still has clean lines, but it’s farmhouse without being too rustic.”

Because the home is a family vacation retreat, the master bath is updated to have resortlike sophistication. A serene, monochromatic color scheme plays out in materials and accessories, including tile, paint and towels.

To create subtle contrast in tile treatments, Bubier Klosterman used a herringbone pattern for the shower floor and bathtub facing.
His-and-her sinks have a bit of separation thanks to the addition of a vertical storage cabinet between them.

The aesthetic—as well as the sensation that one is walking into a five-star hotel—carries into the updated bathrooms. To breathe light into the kids’ bath, Bubier Klosterman maintained a bright palette of ivory for the cabinets, with small accents in orange and red. The black hexagon floor tiles add contrast and an overall relaxed feel. Unembellished silver faucets, cabinet handles and wall sconces keep the space simple and unfussy.   

The kids’ bath is timeless and ageless, perfect for young siblings now and also as they grow up. A fun honeycomb pattern in tile on the floor is repeated on a smaller scale for the backsplash.
The master bath is the image of soft sophistication. The ivory hues carry onto the floor in simple, rectangular tiles for an overall crisp, bright feel. According to Bubier Klosterman, the focus was “sparkle” and “elegance”—ideas that shine through in a crystal chandelier that hangs above the bathtub and the monotone but bright color scheme.

With renovation complete, the family is now able to fully enjoy their stays in the Valley. “It’s so nice for vacation homeowners because they don’t have to go through the whole process seeing it under construction,” says Bubier Klosterman. “It’s such a gift for them to see it in its most beautiful form.”

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